Top 10 Signs That You Won’t Land That Job… And Why

Wednesday, 1. February 2012

Here at ResumeMag we have provided you with a host of sample interview questions that you can expect to be asked in order to prepare yourself for an interview. Everything from the Top 10 Job Specific Questions, to the The Top 7 Scenario Type Interview Questions, and even The 10 Most Popular ‘About You’ Questions And How To Answer Them.

Hopefully this advice has helped you to prepare, and ace, your job interview. Today we are going to discuss the Top 10 signs that you won’t land that job… and why. It doesn’t matter how well written your professional resume is, if you have a habit of doing these 10 things during an interview, you are NOT going to land that job:

#1 Dance around an interview question
This can either be interpreted as having poor listening skills or you may come off as cagey and untrustworthy. Always answer the questions directly and as concisely as possible.

#2 Walk into an interview cold
Walking into an interview without first doing your research on the company and the position you are applying for is a sure fire way to have your application thrown right into the circular filing cabinet. To an interviewer, this is evidence that you are not serious about the position and company.

#3 Ask about pay too soon
Wait until you get an offer; otherwise, you’ll seem more concerned about what’s in it for you than the company.

#4 Talk disparagingly about other co-workers or employers
Interviewers realize that those you don’t care for may have poor views of you.

#5 Be arrogant
There is a definitive line between arrogance and confidence, so make sure you don’t cross it, otherwise the interviewer may assume that you are too judgmental and not a good fit for the company.

#6 Cut an interviewer off in mid sentence
If you think you’re more important than the person who might give you a job, you might not be a team player.

#7 Take too long to answer a question
This can be considered as another avoidance tactic, or that you are not prepared. Either way, taking too long to answer a question will not land you that job.

#8 Oversell your abilities
Overselling yourself can be just as bad as underselling. With overselling you can come off as too needy or desperate.

#9 Avoid direct eye contact
People see it as a lack of confidence, so make sure that you are always making eye contact with the person who is speaking with you and those that you are speaking to. If multiple people interview you, make sure you address each one as you answer your questions.

#10 Speak with poor diction or grammar
It’s a strike against your pitch to be an effective communicator, one skill that most jobs have in common. So take your time, prepare and speak properly. It is best to work on eliminating your crutch words as well, such as the um’s and uh’s that so easily find there way into our speech when we are nervous.

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