Obama Updates Resume – New Skill: Terrorist Hunter

Tuesday, 3. May 2011

On Monday, US President Barak Obama announced that a team of Americans had moved on Osama bin Laden’s location in Abbottabad, Pakistan and had killed the Al Qaeda leader after a fire fight.

Will he be updating his resume with a new skill set – terrorist hunter perhaps? We think he should.

When it comes to your own resume there are specific skills that every employer is looking for. Sure there are the job specific skills that you will need to list on your CV, but there are also universal skills that every employer is seeking.

The following are a few of the universal skills that every resume should list:

Communications skills
Analytical / Research skills
Computer / Technical Literacy
Flexibility / Adaptability / Managing Multiple Tasks
Interpersonal Abilities
Leadership / Management skills
Multicultural Sensitivity / Awareness
Planning / Organizing skills
Problem-Solving / Reasoning / Creativity

Prediction: Obama’s next acquired skill – Zombie Hunter.

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