Youth May Find It Hard To Find A Job This Summer

Tuesday, 31. May 2011

Yesterday the Washington Post ran an article discussing the impact that a ‘Perfect Storm‘ will have on youth this summer.

It’s not a class five hurricane that are worried about, but widespread cutbacks around the country in public funding for summer-jobs programs. With nothing for the cities’ youth to do on their summer break there are concerns that there will be a rise in criminal activity.

As Lisa Salazar, the acting chief of the program-operations division for Los Angeles’ community-development department puts it, “It is a perfect storm. What happens when a whole bunch of teenagers have nothing to do all day for two or three months?”

There may not be enough funding for summer-jobs programs, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still hit the pavement looking for your own summer job. Here are some tips to help you find some gainful employment this summer:

1) Don’t rely on the newspapers and internet job boards alone. As mentioned get out there and hit the pavement. Competition for jobs will be fierce this summer, so getting in some face time by hand delivering your resume may put you ahead of the curve.

2) Speaking of resumes, make sure you update yours. You can always have a professional resume writer help you with updating your resume. Currently we are giving away our professionally written resume services for free to one lucky respondent of our survey.

3) And last but not least, make sure you practice your interview skills. We’ve posted a number of practice interview questions to help you get started.

Whether you want to be an acountant, in IT, an engineer, in sales, a nurse or even in the education field when you grow up, learning essential job skills all starts with a summer job, so don’t let the current economy let you down. Get our there and look for a summer job. We know you can do it.

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Post-Rapture Career Advice

Tuesday, 24. May 2011

If you are reading this post right now I guess, like me, you are still here on Earth… unless of course there is Wi-Fi in heaven.

For some of the more devout, the letdown of not ascending into heaven must be great, and for that I do sympathize. Especially when I read an article yesterday in the International Business Times that explained how devastating the non-Rapture really was for some believers:

“There were people who sold their entire savings to live up the last days on earth and then rapture to heaven. Now, they will have to take care of rather more mundane realities — like finding a house to stay and paying bills.”

There are other reports of Harold Camping’s more devout followers spending their life savings, selling their homes and even quitting their jobs. Although things may seem bleak for them right now, it’s not the end of the world.

Much like the Washington Post’s article discussing what we can learn from Harold Camping’s failed May 21, 2011 prediction, ResumeMag would also like to offer a few pieces of advice for those followers who now have to put their careers and financial lives back together.

1) Update Your Resume – When embarking on a job search you will need to update your resume. It’s probably a good idea to remove all the ‘End-of-world / Rapture’ references, because realistically an employer may be hesitant to hire you if there is any chance that you may suddenly disappear one day. A professional resume writer can help to update your resume and get you an interview.

2) Keep Your Skill Set Current – Consider how a major disappointment can teach you to be prepared the next time. By keeping your skill set updated you will not only be more employable should you choose to change careers, but you will also be in a better position for when it comes time for promotional decisions.

3) Expand Your Job Search – As we mentioned in a previous post about finding a job, it is a good idea to not limit yourself to job boards alone. Networking, whether real life networking or social networking on the Internet, remains one of the best ways to hear about job opportunities. You can also seek out a recruiter who can help you to find a job.

4) Brush Up On Your Interview Skills – In previous posts we talked about the importance of being prepared for the interview. Getting a feel for what kind of interview questions you may be asked and learning how to properly answer them will go a long way to securing you a new job in the post-rapture world.

We understand that times are tough, so we would like to offer you a chance to win a professionally written resume for free. All you need to do is fill out the short survey and supply us with your email.

The One-minute Career Path Survey

Monday, 16. May 2011

Do you remember the summer jobs of your youth? Well, your resume does… or does it?

We want to hear from you.

Did a summer job ever influence your career path? Even just for a few years?

Please take just one minute to fill in this very short survey. If you leave us your email address, you might even win a free resume from one of our professional resume writers.

Cubans Will Soon Need To Update Resumes

Tuesday, 10. May 2011

Car Salesman, Realtor and World Traveler are some updates that Cubans may soon be able to put on their resume.

On Monday, Cuba’s Communist Party announced that it is legalizing the sale of real estate and cars. The government is also looking into the possibility of letting Cubans travel abroad as tourists.

The guidelines also encourage Cubans to form cooperatives that could function as mid-size companies, which up until this point was only allowed in the agriculture industry.

These new employee-owned businesses will be able to sell their products directly to the consumer, without the state first operating as an intermediary. The newly formed cooperatives will also have the power to decide how much each worker gets paid.

With the ability to form, or join, their own cooperatives, every Cuban could now benefit from a professionally written resume. In the meantime here are a few updates that every Cuban needs on their resume to help show that they are able to successfully be part of a cooperative:


Hardworking – Well this goes without saying, in order to be successful in a cooperative you will need to be hardworking.

Works well with others – Again, pretty self-explanatory, you’ll be expected to work as part of a team, so possessing the ability to work well with others is a crucial skill to have.

Previous Employment Experience:

Collective Farm Work – Here’s a chance to showcase your experience working in a collective. Since agricultural cooperatives were the only form that was allowed under the old regime you better hope you put your time in on the field, for the good of the country and for the good of your employability.

Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces – Being able to mindlessly take and follow orders may help with making you more employable when it comes to joining a cooperative, especially if your newly formed cooperative is the Cuban Party Of Window Washers And Gutter Cleaners.


Working on my ’53 Cadillac – Showing that you care about your possessions and are committed to making things work and look shiny and new is a great personal selling point that will make any head of a cooperative want to enlist you right away.

Obama Updates Resume – New Skill: Terrorist Hunter

Tuesday, 3. May 2011

On Monday, US President Barak Obama announced that a team of Americans had moved on Osama bin Laden’s location in Abbottabad, Pakistan and had killed the Al Qaeda leader after a fire fight.

Will he be updating his resume with a new skill set – terrorist hunter perhaps? We think he should.

When it comes to your own resume there are specific skills that every employer is looking for. Sure there are the job specific skills that you will need to list on your CV, but there are also universal skills that every employer is seeking.

The following are a few of the universal skills that every resume should list:

Communications skills
Analytical / Research skills
Computer / Technical Literacy
Flexibility / Adaptability / Managing Multiple Tasks
Interpersonal Abilities
Leadership / Management skills
Multicultural Sensitivity / Awareness
Planning / Organizing skills
Problem-Solving / Reasoning / Creativity

Prediction: Obama’s next acquired skill – Zombie Hunter.