44% Of Employees “Unsatisfied”

Wednesday, 30. May 2012

According to a recent article at Forbes.com, 44% of employees are unsatisfied with their current jobs. As Susan Adams writes in her article, “New Survey: Majority of Employees Dissatisfied”, even while unhappy, many employees feel stuck, afraid to make a career change, due largely to the current job economy.

Most articles you will read about professionally written resumes will focus on how to get a potential employer’s attention. Very few give tips on making sure the right employer pays attention…and the wrong ones don’t.

For instance, many people say that I am a team player. But really, that is just a code word for loyalty. Not everyone plays well in a team and not every workplace is good for team players. Some people work better on their own, and some workplaces leave employees to work on their own. Some individual bosses like to micromanage, while others like to give direction and kick you out of the nest.

In order to find a work environment that will make you happy you need to be upfront, honest, and specific about your preferred working style. Many new hires have the tendency to try to be the type of worker that they think the employer is looking for, even if they know it will not make them happy in the long run.

Catering your perceived working style and preferences to a new employer will not help you to attract the right kind of employers, the ones you would actually enjoy working for.

By not being upfront about your work environment preferences you will likely become one of the 44% – dissatisfied with the one thing you spend the most waking hours doing, your job.

Billboard Cover Letter: When A Resume Is Just Not Enough

Wednesday, 9. May 2012

Let’s face it, with the ever-present recession and slowed economy, finding a job is tough. So how do you stand out from the crowd? A professionally written resume is a good start, but what happens when a resume is just not enough? Well it’s time to get a little creative.

Take these job seekers for example. Tifani and David have gone above and beyond to get noticed with their billboard, which was placed off of Hwy 80 in Sacramento, CA:

Tifani Goldsmith, a Sacramento native, states that the billboard idea originally came from David, when they both agreed that the investment to market themselves was priceless.

A billboard can be a very creative way to get the word out that you are looking for work when a resume is not enough. Think of it as a unique, if not very expensive, cover letter. But as Tifani pointed out, it can be well worth the investment, especially if it only takes a month instead of four months to land a job.

Since both Tifani and David’s websites are no longer active we can only hope that their investment paid off.

Pasha Stocking was also ‘unemployed and seeking employment’:

After being unemployed for over 10 months, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She created a website and rented a 14×48 foot billboard that was located on Interstate 95 in Fairfield County, CT. Although the campaign was a media success, Pasha was unable to gain ‘suitable employment’ and decided to venture out on her own. She now runs her own Public Relations and Marketing firm called PR Bar.

Although we are unsure if Tifani and David’s investment actually paid off, Pasha’s billboard did not seem to attract the type of work that she was looking for. So what was wrong with these billboards? The features, benefits, and the unique selling propositions are all “I am unemployed”. You wouldn’t focus your cover letter or resume on your status as being unemployed. Why not put a more effective message, like “Hire Me – results driven sales manager between assignments” or “Hire Me – full-time accountant available immediately”.

Here is an example of billboard that sends the right message:

Mark Heuer rented his billboard in, what he describes as a time of “desperation as he was seeking his next career opportunity”. The beginning of the economic downturn in 2008 was hard on everyone, but instead of letting it overtake him Mark came up with a creative way to change careers with his 16×60 foot billboard that was located in Milwaukee, WI, and with the right message, he successfully made that change.

Top 10 HR Secrets That Will Help You To Get Hired

Wednesday, 25. April 2012

Exactly one year ago Readers’ Digest posted a few HR related articles exposing how Human Resource professionals really feel about CV’s and job interviews.

Although the articles made HR professionals look a little, as one commenter put it, slimy, those HR people that were quoted in the articles made a host of valuable points, and we’ve picked the top 10 HR secrets that will help you to get hired.

#1 – Customize your professionally written resume for each application, highlighting your relevant work experience and skill set as it relates to the job you are applying for. And as HR Consultant Emma Worseldine puts it, “Never lie – you will be found out.”

#2 – Proofread your resume, whether you get it written by a professional or you’ve updated it yourself. HR consultant Marianne Wilkinson “won’t hire someone who has a ‘Batchelor’ degree”, and neither will the majority of hiring managers.

#3 – Explain periods of unemployment on your resume or leave dates off entirely, because as former HR executive and author Cynthia Shapiro points out, “We assume other people have passed you over, so we don’t want anything to do with you.”

#4 – Use a professional email address for correspondence, because as Shirley Watt, director of a recruitment agency, explains nobody will to take you seriously with an email address like, “sexykitty@hotmail.com” or “doomsday_slayer@yahoo.com”.

#5 – Record a professional sounding voicemail message, because as Bonnie Currin, director at specialist recruitment company PAG, East London, explains, with “a voicemail that is far from acceptable for a potential employer to hear” you will likely lose out on a chance to be invited in for an interview.

#6 – Do extensive research on a company before attending an interview, because as one New York City HR professional explains, “It’s amazing when people come in for an interview and say, ‘Can you tell me about your business?’ Seriously, people, there’s an internet. Look it up.”

#7 – Practice your interview skills ahead of time, paying particular attention to your body language and your ability to make eye contact. An HR manager of an undisclosed finance corporation advices that you should never “stare out the window as you’re talking, even if the view is magnificent.”

#8 – Keep your answers simple and concise. Although the interview is your chance to wow the hiring manger, you do not want to bore them. Take HR consultant Sharlyn Lauby’s experince for example of what not to do, “One time I said to a candidate, ‘Tell me a little bit about yourself.’ An hour- and-a-half later, I was afraid to ask question No.2.”

#9 – Be flexible in your work schedule and availability. As Laurie Ruettimann, an HR consultant and speaker in Raleigh, North Carolina, explains, “If we ask you to travel for your job or attend a conference, it’s not a question. Say no, and it can be career-ending.”

#10 – Prepare a list of potential questions to ask the interviewer, leaving the discussion about wages until the end. Bonnie Currin, director at specialist recruitment company PAG, East London, feels that it can be “off-putting to ask a candidate if they have any questions and the first thing they ask is ‘What’s the salary?’ Surely there are more profound questions they can think of to leave a lasting impression?”

Customize Your Resume For Your Profession

Wednesday, 8. February 2012

The days of the one-size-fits-all resume are long gone. Today many job seekers are finding it virtually impossible to land a job without a professionally written resume, one that is tailored to a specific profession. The standard resume template just does not cut it anymore.

If you are looking for a career in the Accounting, IT, Engineering, Sales, Nursing or Education sectors, take a look at the tips below for some information that may help you to customize your resume for your profession:

Accounting Jobs

Your resume, regardless of profession, is the first opportunity to capture a hiring manager’s interest. When it comes to an accounting, your resume should reflect your in-depth knowledge of accounting and your ability to judge financial investments.

To stand out from the crowd, make sure you incorporate a hard-hitting opening statement into your accounting resume. Followed by your accounting skills, abilities and accomplishments. These include such things as certifications and licenses you have aquired, such as your CPA and brokerage licenses.

Furthermore, you should also include a section for your Areas of Expertise as it relates to accounting. It is in this section where you not only want to convey your expert skills, but also write in a manner that is rich with keywords, making it that much easier for hiring companies to find you.


When it comes to Information Technology, or IT, the industry is always changing. New technologies come out every few months. This is why it is so important to write a specifically tailored IT resume that showcases your knowledge and understanding of the latest technologies used in the industry.

You will want to highlight any certifications and levels that you have acquired in all applicable programming languages, applications, software and hardware on your resume. Most companies know what they want when they are looking for an IT professional, so determine what your strong points are and build your resume around them.

Engineering Jobs

There are more than 25 different fields in which an engineer can specialize, so when you are setting out to tailor your engineering resume, it is important to keep in mind the specific field in which you are applying for. Just as the one-size-fits-all resume longer works in today’s job market, the same applies to your engineering resume, and a simple template resume is also bound to fail when applying to different fields within the industry.

Your engineering resume must illustrate your skills in the particular field that you are applying for. The more qualified you are for the specific field, the better your chances will be to be invited in for an interview.

Just as in the accounting resume, your engineering resume should include a Areas of Expertise section that will help you to not only showcase your specific engineering skills, but will also be an area to add keyword-rich writing that will help you to be found on the internet by hiring managers.


Your resume is a sales pitch for yourself, and this is why it is extremely important to have a specifically customized sales resume when applying for a career in sales, regardless of the field you are applying for.

There are many opportunities in sales, as almost every industry requires a sales force of some kind. The biggest growth industry today, in regards to sales careers, is the pharmaceutical industry.

When it comes to your sales resume you definitely want to include all of your past employment that illustrates your best sales experience. Your resume should also demonstrate your particular areas of expertise, and list your strongest skills, but by far the most important aspect to include are the tangible achievements you have accomplished.

Hiring managers need to see how successful you are at sales, so include all the numbers you can. A great success story will go a long way to prove that you are the right person for the position.

Nursing Jobs

Nursing is not only a career that is in high demand; it is also a very demanding job, but as anyone working in the healthcare field can tell you, it can be very rewarding.

Your nursing resume should reflect the latest industry trends and address the evolving roles that nurses are expected to fulfill in today’s society.

It is also very important to list all the various positions you have held. For example, if you have been a charge nurse in various units, you should not only list those units you were part of, but you should also include an explanation of the different duties you have been responsible for.

Additionally, make sure your resume highlights any significant licenses, degrees and certifications that you have acquired, as well as the dates that you obtained them.

Teaching Jobs

The growing trend of professionals seeking to further their education in the hopes to advance, or enhance, their careers has led to a demand in teaching jobs.

Today there are many academic fields in which you can specialize as an educator. In order to show that you are the right fit, you will first need to have a professionally written teaching resume that effectively communicates your qualifications as an educator.

Your resume should not only demonstrate that you have experience teaching, but it should also show that you have been involved in making a difference in the lives of your students. Your teaching resume should also highlight any special skills and any training that you have received, including any awards, accomplishments or accolades.

Regardless of your chosen career path, the most important aspect of a professionally written resume is to customize it to your specific field or industry. Getting away from the template one-size-fits-all resume will help you to grab the attention of the hiring manager. With a professionally written resume we can guarantee you an interview, after that, your success is up to you.

New Year’s Resume Resolution

Wednesday, 4. January 2012

ResumeMag would like to wish all of our faithful readers a Happy New Year. By now, many of us are well into our New Year’s resolutions, like quitting a bad habit, hitting up the gym to shed those excess holiday pounds, thinking of ways to make more money, or building new relationships.

As professional resume writers we believe that the New Year’s resolution doesn’t only apply to yourself, but you can also make resolutions for your resume. After all, to a potential employer, your resume is you.

We’ve taken the four most common resolutions and have applied them to your resume:

1) Quit Bad Habits

Bad habits come in all forms when it comes to your resume. Ask any recruiter, hiring manager or professional resume writer about the most common mistakes they see and without any hesitation they can list off a grocery list of mistakes that could have easily been avoided with some simple proofreading.

It doesn’t take long, but many job seekers still have the bad habit of sending out their resumes without first having them checked over. Sending out a resume with such things as typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors is the sure fire way to have your resume filed in the circular filing cabinet. So this year, make sure you proofread all of your correspondence, which also includes your cover letters, emails and any applications you submit.

Another bad habit to quit for 2012 is the ‘one-size fits all resume’. Sending out a template resume that is not tailored to the specific position you are applying for not only wastes your time, but also that of the company’s. So make this year’s resolution all about creating a new resume for each position you apply for. The time and effort that you take to tailor your resume will show, thus giving you a better chance to get your foot in the door.

2) Shed Excess Weight

It can be easy to end up with an obese resume, whether it is because you’ve listed every single job you have ever had, or it is jammed packed with useless information. Whatever the case is, it’s easy to lose control and end up with a beefy resume. Your 2012 resume resolution should be to slim down your resume, making it more attractive to potential employers.

One if the easiest ways to shed the excess weight is to remove irrelevant content, such as the standard ‘References available upon request’ line and anything else that isn’t relevant to the position you are applying for, like hobbies and interests or certificates and accreditations. A professional resume writer can also help you to tighten up the writing, making your resume more concise and to the point.

3) Make More Money

One of the best ways to make more money with your resume is to make it more appealing to a hiring manger. Instead of reiterating what your old job descriptions were, use that valuable space to showcase your worth by explaining, not only how you helped to save or make your previous employer money, but also by quantifying your results.

Another thing you can do to help your resume make you money is by hiring a professional resume writer, because as the old adage goes, sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

4) Fall In Love

When applying for a position that you know you will love, take the time to create a resume that shows your devotion to the position and to the company. This includes such things as creating a tailor made resume, that not only speaks to the specific position, but to specific company needs as well. An inside tip to help you accomplish this is to use the same phrases and keywords that the company itself used in their requirements section of their job posting.

So start the year off right, and try these four resume resolutions.