Are you a new graduate of education or are you just starting out in the education field? We can help you to showcase your abilities and strengths in a specific way that will get you the attention you need and deserve.


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If you have been working in the education profession for at least three years, you may want to advance in the educational field.  We can help you demonstrate to hiring managers the value that you can bring to a new education position.  We will highlight your skills and showcase your strengths, as well as list your goals in a well-thought-out presentation.

If you are a teacher, principal, superintendent, or professor—or if you are a business owner and would like to showcase your exceptional background and qualifications—then we can help by marketing your educational skills and prove that you are a leader and ready to advance in your industry.


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How an educator wins with a professional resume writer

Education is an expanding profession.  More and more people are realizing that further education makes a big difference when it comes to advancing or enhancing their careers.  There are many academic fields in which you can specialize as an educator.  You can also choose general education, giving you time to determine if and where you would like to specialize.  Regardless of your specific goals, to find the right position you will need an academic resume that effectively communicates your qualifications as an educator.

Do you want to be a special education teacher? There are many professionals that train for this specific position.  To be considered for this type of career you’ll need a special education teacher resume, along with an appropriate special education cover letter.  A career in education can be an exciting goal, and you can make an important—and even life-changing—difference to a child’s future by following this career path.  Special education teachers are very special people—and an expertly written resume is critical to obtaining the position.  This type of resume must not only list basic education skills but also demonstrate that you are a compassionate, patient, and caring person.

An education resume for a newcomer should include any experience you may have as a teacher, whether it be from a summer camp, church, community organization, etc.  Your resume should demonstrate that you have had experience teaching—and also show that you have been involved in making a difference in the lives of children.  However, many people that have had no formal teaching experience sometimes pursue careers as ESL teachers (English as a second language), which looks great on their resumes.

If you have been a teacher or are someone who has worked in academic institutions and would like to explore a different field, then you will need to have a professional resume that targets that field.  For example, if your dream is to become a physical education teacher, even though you’ve been a math teacher until now, then you will need to customize your resume accordingly.  Your resume must highlight those special skills and any training you’ve received that make you the ideal candidate for a physical education position.

Another popular education field is the arts.  To be considered for this type of position, you’ll need an art education resume that demonstrates that you possess the credentials that make you the ideal candidate for the job.

An education resume should also list any awards, as well as any experience you’ve received in a specialized field.

In order to obtain employment in an academic institution you’ll need to submit a resume that lists all relevant experience.  The type of education position you are interested in must be reflected by a customized, professional resume (e.g., education administration resume, educational consultant resume, professional education resume, higher education resume, etc.).  We specialize in creating exemplary resumes for teachers—and we can help you get the educator job you really want!

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