Are you a new graduate of education or are you just starting out in the education field? We can help you to showcase your abilities and strengths in a specific way that will get you the attention you need and deserve.


We now specialize in Education!

If you have been working in the education profession for at least three years, you may want to advance in the educational field.  We can help you demonstrate to hiring managers the value that you can bring to a new education position.  We will highlight your skills and showcase your strengths, as well as list your goals in a well-thought-out presentation.

If you are a teacher, principal, superintendent, or professor—or if you are a business owner and would like to showcase your exceptional background and qualifications—then we can help by marketing your educational skills and prove that you are a leader and ready to advance in your industry.


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Age Barrier

Thumbnail In this market, there is competition for every available job. Candidates that are older are bound to find themselves competing with much younger job seekers. Many companies prefer older employees because they offer experience, maturity, leadership, positive work ethic, and mentoring to less experienced employees. However, we know that some age discrimination still occurs.

Our resume specialists are experts at emphasizing your value and de-emphasizing your age to potential employers!

Our specialists craft your resume with a solid summary section and list of key word competencies.

They understand that employers are focused on what you have done recently. In addition, they remove information that might show your age (e.g. antiquated programming) and focus on your knowledge of current equipment, programs, and tools.

Finally, they set your resume apart form less experienced candidates by highlighting your accomplishments, illustrating how your performance positively impacted previous employers, and showing off your flexibility and willingness to learn through ongoing training and seminars.
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