Are you a new graduate of education or are you just starting out in the education field? We can help you to showcase your abilities and strengths in a specific way that will get you the attention you need and deserve.


We now specialize in Education!

If you have been working in the education profession for at least three years, you may want to advance in the educational field.  We can help you demonstrate to hiring managers the value that you can bring to a new education position.  We will highlight your skills and showcase your strengths, as well as list your goals in a well-thought-out presentation.

If you are a teacher, principal, superintendent, or professor—or if you are a business owner and would like to showcase your exceptional background and qualifications—then we can help by marketing your educational skills and prove that you are a leader and ready to advance in your industry.


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Our partners


General difficult situations

For those in difficult situations (e.g. laid off or fired, prolonged job search), it is important to have your resume in top form and to keep psychologically positive.

Our resume specialists understand that work is a source of pride and value,
and that difficult times can make a person feel confused and lost.

To help you begin making progress, our specialists work with you to refocus. They ask for a list of your professional and personal accomplishments. In addition, they may have you seek recommendations from previous employers and co-workers.

As they craft your resume, they make sure to include your transferable skills and personal qualities to beef up your resume, set you apart from other candidates, and give you some much needed encouragement to continue the job search.

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