Recently graduated as an engineer? We can help you display your abilities as well as your strengths in a way that will get you noticed through a professional engineering resume.

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If you have at least three years of experience in the engineering field and you are ready to move up in your career, then let us demonstrate these skills to professional hiring managers.  We will highlight your skills, showcase your strengths, and document your goals in chronological order.  This will present the true you in a professional electrical engineer's resume.

If you have an impressive background as an engineer, excellent qualifications, and you are a vice president, CEO, C-level, senior-level manager, or you own a business, then you are ready for a change.  We will market the skills you possess and the abilities you've developed and honed while in your current position in a well organized Executive resume.  You are a proven leader! Now let us help you obtain that prized position!

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Engineering Resume Services

How an engineer wins with a professional resume writer

Engineering is an expanding profession and is vital to how a business operates.  There are more than 25 different fields in which an engineer can specialize: environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and electrical engineering to list just a few.

If you desire a career in engineering, you must first obtain the necessary training (which can be accomplished online in your home or at a local college).  Engineering degrees are available in certification, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree (you can always go back for a bachelor’s degree if you initially decide to pursue either certification or an associate’s degree).

But before you apply for your first engineering position you will need a professional engineering resume. Your resume must illustrate your skills in this field and describe why you are the best candidate for the job.  The more able you are to prove you are the right person for the position, the better your chances at landing that job that’s just right for you.

If you decide to go into engineering, realize that most engineering resumes will omit the most important part: why you personally think that you can make a difference.  What do you have to offer the company that no other engineer can offer? If you went to college, then you should document this in your resume.  You need to let all potential hiring managers know that you are in charge of your life … and your goals … and that you can make a difference to their business.  The more you display that you are in control, the better you look.

When creating an engineering resume, it is important to note any particular employment gained while studying.  This will increase your chances of obtaining a position in the field.  Your engineering resume should also have an 'Areas of Expertise' section, which lists your strong points, what you are passionate about, and your core strengths.  Your 'Areas of Expertise' should be related to the engineering field.

You want to be successful as an engineer, and to do that you need to make your best first impression.  Your resume is your first impression, and you want to say everything you need to in order to convince a company that you will be a valuable member of their team.  Job placement opportunities are available through most colleges; however, job placement still requires a resume.  Get it right the first time with a professionally written engineering resume!

Your resume is a great asset to your career.  As your career progresses, don’t forget to update your resume on a consistent basis so that you are prepared when a new job opening comes along.

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