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We are the only Resume Service that offers a full refund if you are not satisfied with our work!

How can we offer a full refund when no one else in the industry offers this?

We wouldn't offer this refund guarantee if we were not completely confident that you will be happy with our service and the results. After all, no resume writer wants to spend time rewriting resumes and not get paid! We have a 99.8% satisfaction rate, so we are confident that you will be satisfied as well.

Our Refund policy is very simple:

Our service is interactive, and you will be working with the Resume Specialist assigned to work on your resume.

If, within 3 days from getting your final resume from our Resume Specialist, you are not satisfied with the results, you can reply and ask for a refund.

We’ll send you a short refund form, and then, based on your feedback, we’ll either edit, change, or rewrite the resume one more time.

If it STILL does not meet your expectations, we will refund your money—and YOU decide the amount. That’s right … YOU decide what your new, professionally written resume is worth. For example, if you don’t think you received the full value of what you paid for our services—but you honestly believe that at least some of our work was acceptable and helpful—ask for a partial refund. We leave it up to you—based on your honesty and integrity. If you insist upon a 100% refund, that’s okay too.

We guarantee your satisfaction. We are not finished until you are 100% satisfied. At, you have direct contact with your writer in order to ensure that you receive the results you want. We not only craft a quality resume, but we also want you to make the most of all the services we offer—our professional job-hunting advice will guide you through the entire process of a successful job search and keep you optimistic.

You are important to us, and our support is always here for you!

Our customer care center is here 24/7/365 to resolve any of the issues you may have with your order—either by telephone or via our instant messaging system. You can contact your writer after the completion of your order to discuss any changes or details regarding your new document. We guarantee your total satisfaction.

And if you’re still not satisfied, you can request a refund!

We want you to be completely satisfied! We know that Happy clients will mean more business for us.