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Non-stable past career

Job seekers with intermittent job histories are bound to be labeled “job-hoppers”, even if there are good reasons for the fluctuations (e.g., layoffs, family emergencies, etc.).

Our resume specialists know how to utilize techniques
that can help you to avoid being labeled a “job-hopper”.

First, our specialists focus on making sure the resume is accurate and honest. With that in mind, the specialists do not always include a comprehensive list of every job you’ve ever held—because resumes are not intended to be complete personal histories but a summary of career highlights. The job seeker may choose to leave off jobs that were seasonal, part-time, or of short duration.

In addition, our specialists use years—instead of months—to document your work timeline to help diminish any gaps in employment. (And where is it written, by the way, that a person must be employed every single day beginning on his or her 18th birthday until the retirement party, anyway? Sometimes a spouse will step in and support the family while the other seeks that perfect job—or takes time off—or ... whatever … ).
Finally, they combine all of the jobs or positions that entailed the same duties, making sure to list each employer but providing details for only the most relevant jobs.

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