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Overqualified candidates

If you are willing to accept a position that is below your education, skill, or experience level, then you need to be prepared to respond to the statement: “You’re overqualified.”

Our resume specialists understand that employers can sometimes be apprehensive about hiring overqualified
candidates because they don’t want to invest time and money in an employee who might
become restless or bored—or use the position as a stepping stone until a better opportunity
presents itself.

To downplay your qualifications, our specialists tailor your resume to the job you are seeking. They remove information that is not applicable to the position and focus on highlighting your experience—without leaving gaps in employment.

In addition, our specialists will craft a cover letter explaining any life circumstances that may be influencing your job choice (e.g., wanting to leave an Executive position in order to have a better work/life balance) and express your enthusiasm and excitement about the position.

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